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Journalism in a digital age (and the curious case of The Guardian disliking paywalls but liking the licence fee)

by Stephen Tall on October 10, 2013

Two fascinating articles published this week about the future of journalism in a digital age. First, the FT editor Lionel Barber explains the paper’s move not simply to a digital-first strategy, but in fact a digital-mainly strategy: … the 1970s-style newspaper publishing (…)

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Lib Dems set to name 7 new peers for House of Lords, says Sunday Times

by Stephen Tall on June 16, 2013

Today’s Sunday Times front page (£) splashes with a ‘Cash for peerages row hits Clegg’ headline. The reality is slightly less exciting: Rumi Verjee, a prominent donor to the Lib Dems, is apparently top of the list of seven names put forward for peerages: Rumi Verjee, a multimillionaire who brought the Domino’s pizza chain to […]

Lib Dems and Labour neck-and-neck on 28%, says voting study

by Stephen Tall on December 27, 2009

Today’s Times publishes a study by Professor Colin Rallings and Professor Michael Thrasher of Plymouth University based on actual votes cast in the dozens of by-elections that take place for council seats each month. Here are the headline findings:
It shows that although David Cameron’s Conservatives have a 10-point lead over Labour as the year draws […]

Times features Nick's and LDV's '25 random things'

by Stephen Tall on February 15, 2009

You know a craze is over when the Sunday supplements start featuring them – from today’s Sunday Times, ’25 random things’ confession craze sweeps the internet: Millions of people are revealing 25 ‘random’ and often embarrassing things about themselves in (…)

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