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Me, Adam Boulton & the wit of Dr Pack

by Stephen Tall on March 8, 2013

Many thanks to my Mark Pack for this picture of me appearing on Sky News this lunchtime, being interviewed by Adam Boulton about all things Lib Dem. His suggested next words for the subtitles? “… That a man is interviewing (…)

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Why there were no Lib Dems on Sky News’s Sunday Live with Adam Boulton

by Stephen Tall on September 12, 2010

An interesting posting yesterday evening from Katie Snape on the Boulton & Co blog: It’s 7pm on Saturday, I’m late for a friend’s wedding and I’m still waiting to find out whether I can send a satellite truck to Wiltshire for an interview with the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander. How hard can […]

Sky News leads with ‘exclusive’ voodoo poll as broadcaster’s credibility slumps

by Stephen Tall on August 17, 2010

Exclusive: Support For Clegg’s Lib Dems At 8% screams Sky News’s report marking the 100 days of the Coalition. Disaster! Woe! Panic! Erm, except Sky News isn’t reporting a poll conducted by a reputable polling organisation of a representative sample of the British public. I mean, you didn’t seriously expect journalistic integrity and news values […]