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For the benefit of Michael Crick – why Clegg wasn’t at the BBC’s challengers’ debate

by Stephen Tall on April 17, 2015

Political journalist Michael Crick was in apologetic mood this morning: It is a big failing on my part & other broadcasters that none of us have really discovered or explained why Clegg wasn’t there last night — Michael Crick (@MichaelLCrick) (…)

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Is this the front page of the next Lib Dem manifesto?

by Stephen Tall on October 21, 2014

Ryan Coetzee, recently appointed the Lib Dems’ General Election Director of Strategy, was snapped today clutching papers which look like they might reveal the party’s top four priorities for the 2015 manifesto. Ryan Coetzee leaving Lib Dem Political meeting before Cabinet this morning seemed to be showing me there future plans — Political Pictures […]

Ryan Coetzee switches from Clegg’s Director of Strategy to Lib Dems’ General Election Director of Strategy

by Stephen Tall on August 12, 2014

It’s almost two years since Ryan Coetzee was appointed as Nick Clegg’s director of strategy, replacing Richard Reeves. His experience as a liberal politician and campaigner with South Africa’s Democratic Alliance meant that he was welcomed, even by many of those often sceptical of advisers and their worth. One of his first actions was to […]

Lib Dems as ‘The Party of IN’ – Clegg’s pro-European strategy starts to pay off

by Stephen Tall on March 5, 2014

Kudos to Nick Clegg and his team, including his director of strategy Ryan Coetzee. The gambit of issuing a personal challenge to Nigel Farage to debate Nick on Europe has been accepted not only by the Ukip leader, but also now by the media. As Caron Lindsay reported here this morning – #NickvNigel – We […]

Fraser Nelson’s must-read guide to utterly and completely misunderstanding the Lib Dems’ Coalition strategy

by Stephen Tall on February 7, 2014

Fraser Nelson has written a must-read guide to utterly and completely misunderstanding the Lib Dems’ Coalition strategy today. My guess is he’s reliant on Tory intelligence, which in this case is an oxymoron. Much of it is the usual half-fair/half-unfair admixture of insults regularly thrown at the Lib Dems by the right-wing media. We are, […]

Lewis Baston on the polls and ‘How the Lib Dems will actually do’

by Stephen Tall on February 1, 2014

I wrote last October about election expert Lewis Baston’s forecast for the next election, based on his analysis not only of the polls, but also of the trends in the ‘swing seats’, the battlegrounds which, in a first-past-the-post voting system, actually matter. His forecast for May 2015 was that Labour would edge the Tories by […]

First Euro poll of 2014 shows Lib Dems at 7%. Can we make being ‘The Party of IN’ work for us by the time of the real election?

by Stephen Tall on January 16, 2014

The first poll this year asking how people will vote in May’s European elections has been published today by YouGov. It gives the following headline ratings compared with the last elections in 2009: Conservative 17% (-11%) Labour 24% (+8%) Lib Dem 7% (-7%) Ukip 19% (+2%) Feed these numbers (plus those for the Greens, SNP/Plaid […]

John Kampfner: “Clegg is set to be kingmaker again in 2015?

by Stephen Tall on July 12, 2013

John Kampfner, one of the few progressive voice from the centre-left who defected from Labour to the Lib Dems in the run-up to the 2010 election and has continued to give the party a sympathetic hearing during the Coalition, writes in today’s Times about Lib Dem prospects post-2015: Clegg is set to be kingmaker again […]

“On message. In volume. Over time.” That’s the real text of Nick Clegg’s speech today

by Stephen Tall on March 10, 2013

It took 3,000+ words and Nick Clegg 30 minutes to deliver them — but there was only one message he wanted to be heard in his leader’s speech today: Only the Liberal Democrats can deliver a stronger economy and a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life. That’s the core message, one that’s […]