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How do we make education evidence-led?

by Stephen Tall on March 10, 2014

That was the topic up for debate on Saturday at the Lib Dem conference fringe meeting organised by CentreForum and the Social Liberal Forum. I was one of the four panellists – speaking with my day-job hat on – alongside (…)

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The 7 retiring Lib Dem MPs (and the 7 candidates hoping to replace them)

by Stephen Tall on March 22, 2010

Seven Lib Dem MPs have announced they’re retiring at this year’s general election. All seven are men: of their replacements, four are women. Here’s the list in full:
John Barrett (LD) – Edinburgh West
Majority: 13,600 (30%) – second safest Lib Dem seat in the UK.
Reason for leaving: to spend more time with his grand-daughters.
Hoping to succeed […]

How much do national University standards matter?

by Stephen Tall on August 3, 2009

The BBC reports: Universities in England are failing to safeguard degree standards, according to a damning report from MPs. The current system for ensuring quality is “out of date and should be replaced”, the Commons universities select committee concluded. “… (…)

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Phil Willis latest Lib Dem MP named by Telegraph

by Stephen Tall on May 20, 2009

We have a rather belated entrant into the pantheon of Lib Dem MPs accused by the Telegraph of having abused the expenses system: Harrogate and Knaresborough’s Phil Willis. The full Telegraph story is here. Tracing the sequence from the newspaper’s (…)

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