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What I told BBC News about the local election results (so far)

by Stephen Tall on May 23, 2014

Here’s ConservativeHome’s Mark Wallace, LabourList’s Mark Ferguson and me on BBC News this morning, discussing the local election results:

Me (and others) on the political year on Radio 4’s The Westminster Hour. (Also: a reflection on “cheer-leading” versus “critiquing” the Lib Dems as a sometime pundit)

by Stephen Tall on December 23, 2013

I popped along last night for Radio 4’s The Westminster Hour’s studio discussion on the political year. It’s the first time I’ve turned up at the BBC’s Millbank studios and been offered a glass of wine ahead of going live on (…)

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Lords reform: did we really expect any better of either the Tories or Labour?

by Stephen Tall on June 26, 2012

All three main political parties fought the 2010 election promising the electorate that, if elected, they would reform the House of Lords. All three promised the same in 2005, too. And 2001. Yet in 2012 only one party is staying true to that promise: the Lib Dems. The Tories and Labour, in contrast, are happily […]