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4 photographic trips down the Liberal Party memory lane

by Stephen Tall on August 15, 2014

Anyone recognise these dudes? 1972 Liberal Party Open Their Assembly (Found at — Stephen Tall (@stephentall) August 8, 2014 People *really* cared about electoral reform in 1975 (Jeremy Thorpe & John Campbell — Stephen Tall (@stephentall) (…)

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Everybody loves us Lib Dems

by Stephen Tall on September 11, 2010

I blame the Tories. Ever since David Cameron became their leader, he’s been determined to ‘love-bomb’ the Lib Dems. Love-bombing is the ingenious tactic by which other parties claim to believe in enough Lib Dem policies without, y’know, actually being Lib Dems. Labour leadership hopeful Ed Miliband was at it last month. Then earlier this […]

My new Twitter background

by Stephen Tall on July 9, 2010

Here’s my Twitter homepage. It looks much prettier without all the tweets blocking the 1950s’ Liberal Party posters I photographed from the Bodleian’s modern political collections – so here it is in all it glory:

Is Gordon Brown Labour's Lloyd George?

by Stephen Tall on June 12, 2009

There’s a fascinating article in today’s Financial Times by Peter Clarke, drawing the comparisons between Asquith/Tony Blair and Lloyd George/Gordon Brown – two Prime Minister and Chancellor ‘political couples’ separated by a century, who helped their parties back into government (…)

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When being called a Liberal Democrat is taken as an insult

by Stephen Tall on February 20, 2009

LDV has mentioned previously the tendency of Gordon Brown to attempt (rather pathetically) to rile Liberal Democrats by referring to ‘the Liberal party’ at Prime Minister’s Questions. Well, up in Liverpool, the Liberal party is taking considerable offence at being (…)

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