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CentreForum Liberal Villain of the Month: Mark Littlewood

by Stephen Tall on June 28, 2013

Liberal Hero of the Week (and occasional Villains) is chosen by Stephen Tall, Co-Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice, and Research Associate at CentreForum. The series showcases those who promote any of the four liberal tenets identified in The Orange Book — economic, personal, political and social liberalism — regardless of party affiliation and from beyond Westminster. If […]

Has the mystery of the ‘unidentified Lib Dem’ asked to lobby Vince about Murdoch been solved?

by Stephen Tall on April 25, 2012

Amid all the questions floating round yesterday following the extraordinary revelations exposed by the Leveson inquiry, was this intriguing one: who was the ‘Lib Dem MP’ referred to by Frederic Michel, News Corp’s director of public affairs (Europe), lined-up to (…)

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No2AV campaign left red-faced by list gaffes

by Stephen Tall on January 5, 2011

Last week I posted to Lib Dem Voice what I thought to be an accurate list of the 100+ Labour MPs who had proudly announced they would be opposing electoral reform in the May referendum. I assumed it must be accurate… after all, the list was taken directly from the No2AV campaign’s official website. Surely […]

Shouldn’t Labour MPs just nominate the candidate they think is best for the job?

by Stephen Tall on June 5, 2010

I’ve been intrigued these past couple of days to see the main Labour blogs fall over themselves to argue that the current three front-runners for the Labour leadership – now they have the MP nominations needed to be on the ballot – should urge their parliamentary colleagues to nominate one of the three also-ran contenders […]

Evidence based, Left Foot Forward? Not if you’re ignoring the actual evidence

by Stephen Tall on March 15, 2010

The Labour-supporting Left Foot Forward blog prides itself on being evidence-based. But not, it seems, when the evidence doesn’t support the conclusion they’ve already written.
That seems to be the only explanation for their slanted weekend posting that Lib Dem tax policy “fails the fairness test”, which appears to rest on two points: 1) that people […]

LDVideo: dodgy Tory stats, Nick’s online Q&A, and the Wallander-inspired Lib Dem PPB

by Stephen Tall on February 27, 2010

Welcome to this latest LDVideo instalment, highlighting three political video clips from the past week.
First up, there’s Lies, damn lies and Conservative statistics courtesy Political Scrapbook (and with a nod towards this iconic Guinness advert):

(Hat-tip: Left Foot Forward. Available on YouTube here).
Secondly, here’s Nick Clegg responding to questions posted to Facebook ( and Twitter (@Nick_Clegg) […]