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European Arrest Warrant: I’m a sceptic (but not a Eurosceptic)

by Stephen Tall on November 10, 2014

As I write, the House of Commons is debating the European Arrest Warrant (EAW). Well, sort of. In fact, the Speaker, John Bercow, has already pointed out that “there will not today be a vote on the specific matter of membership of the European arrest warrant”. But Home Secretary Theresa May and Justice Secretary Chris […]

Speaker Bercow tells Nick: no inquiry into MPs’ ‘flipping’ or CGT evasion

by Stephen Tall on October 28, 2009

Two weeks ago, Nick Clegg wrote to Sir Thomas Legg – in the wake of Sir Thomas’s decision to recommend MPs repay public money if they had been found to have overclaimed expenses for cleaning and gardening – asking that he examine the most serious allegations levelled against MPs:

… when your inquiry was first announced, […]

Standing against the Speaker: never mind the politics, what about the voters?

by Stephen Tall on September 5, 2009

There’s been plenty of interesting Lib Dem internet chatter asking whether – now Ukip’s soon-to-be-ex-leader Nigel Farage is breaching normal convention and standing against the incumbent Speaker, Tory MP John Bercow, in Buckingham – the Lib Dems should follow suit. (…)

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Congratulations Speaker Bercow

by Stephen Tall on June 22, 2009

Final result announced 8.30 pm: John Bercow: 322 Sir George Young: 271 Read Speaker Bercow’s manifesto HERE.

Gidley and Carmichael back Bercow for Speaker

by Stephen Tall on June 18, 2009

Two Lib Dem MPs have declared who they’re supporting in the forthcoming election for the next Speaker of the House of Commons. Sandra Gidley and Alistair Carmichael are co-signatories to a letter published in today’s Guardian extolling the virtues of (…)

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