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What Lib Dem bloggers have been saying about the NHS Bill after Lib Dem conference

by Stephen Tall on March 13, 2012

Unsurprisingly, there’s been plenty of post-conference reaction to the weekend’s events. A quick recap of what happened: on Saturday, Lib Dem conference representatives narrowly voted not to debate a motion that called for the NHS Bill to be dropped. Then on Sunday, Lib Dem conference representatives narrowly voted following a debate not to support part […]

Round-up of initial reactions to the Lib Dem conference NHS Bill vote

by Stephen Tall on March 11, 2012

There’s been no shortage of reaction to the vote by the Lib Dem conference this morning to vote by 317-270 to approve an amendment which implicitly calls on the party leadership to drop its support for the NHS Bill. I say “implicitly” because the motion as passed — pasted at the foot of this post […]

Do Lib Dem members’ views differ from conference representatives’ views? Here’s what our survey says…

by Stephen Tall on March 10, 2012

We published yesterday the results of our survey of Lib Dem members’ views of the Coalition’s NHS reforms. Given the importance of this weekend’s debate at the party’s spring conference, we have also tried to test how Lib Dem members who are conference representative might vote on Sunday, when there is likely to be an […]