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Gurkhas join in Lib Dem election campaign in Maidstone

by Stephen Tall on April 26, 2010

The BBC reports:
Gurkhas have joined in the election campaign in Maidstone to support the Liberal Democrat candidate for Ann Widdecombe’s former Kent seat. Lib Dem candidate Peter Carroll set up the Gurkha Justice Campaign, which last year won the right for the Gurkhas to settle in the UK.
Mr Carroll said the Gurkhas, who are based […]

LDVideo Easter Saturday special: Lib Dem leaders at PMQs

by Stephen Tall on April 3, 2010

Welcome to this latest LDVideo instalment, and today as a special holiday treat we’re highlighting three political video clips showing Lib Dem leaders on top form at Prime Minister’s Questions.
First up, is Ming Campbell. Now Ming didn’t always have the happiest time at PMQs, but there were times when he hit his stride perfectly, and […]

What links Colin Firth, Ken Macdonald, Brian Eno, Gurkha veteran Madan Kumar Gurung, Pam Giddy, Floella Benjamin and Duwayne Brooks?

by Stephen Tall on March 3, 2010

Well, all six of them have contributed to the soon-to-be-published opus, Why Vote Liberal Democrat?, published this Thursday. To pre-order your copy from Amazon, please click here.
Here’s the party press release blurb:

Actor Colin Firth, former Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Ken Macdonald QC and musician Brian Eno have all contributed to a book entitled […]

NEW POLL: Who is your Liberal Voice of the Year?

by Stephen Tall on January 9, 2010

Ten days ago, in the dying days of the last decade, LDV launched our search for the Liberal Voice of 2009, to find the non-Lib Dem individual or group which has had the biggest impact on liberalism in this country in the past 12 months.
Our thanks to all who put forward nominations, all of which […]

Clegg: Labour U-turn "a great victory for the Gurkhas"

by Stephen Tall on May 21, 2009

Here’s what the BBC has to say: All Gurkha veterans who retired before 1997 with at least four years’ service will be allowed to settle in the UK, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has said. Ms Smith told MPs she was (…)

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And the award for most desperate headline goes to…

by Stephen Tall on May 6, 2009

Kevin Maguire in the Mirror for this effort: Lib Dem support for the Gurkhas will cost them seats His rationale for this, erm, counter-intuitive view? Though crediting Nick Clegg’s campaigning on behalf of the Gurkhas as “principled”, Kevin then argues (…)

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The Economist on the Gurkhas: "a deserved victory for the Lib Dems and their leader Nick Clegg"

by Stephen Tall on April 30, 2009

My LDV colleague Richard Huzzey has already rounded-up the media’s praise for Nick Clegg’s campaigning role on behalf of the Ghurkas HERE – while Alex Foster highlighted bloggers’ encomia HERE – but it’s worth also noting The Economist’s pseudonymous columnist (…)

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PMQs: Nick tackles Gordon on the Gurkhas

by Stephen Tall on June 25, 2008

At this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions, the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg once again took Gordon Brown to task for his Government’s shameful refusal to give justice to those Gurkha soldiers who fought for this country. (You can read more (…)

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PMQs: Nick tackles Gordon on the Gurkhas and Iraq

by Stephen Tall on March 19, 2008

The Lib Dem leader used his two questions to Gordon Brown today to highlight the issue of Gurkha soldiers who served this country being denied British citizenship; and then to ask Gordon Brown if he has any regrets about signing (…)

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