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I’m a liberal and I’m sticking up for Nick Clegg over David Miranda and The Guardian

by Stephen Tall on August 23, 2013

Civil liberties. It’s the issue that unites Lib Dems like no other. While you’ll find a range of views within the party on big issues that matter more to the voters — such as the economy or the NHS or even tuition fees — personal freedom, the right to live your life as you choose, […]

David Miranda’s detention – what do the public think?

by Stephen Tall on August 22, 2013

Polling firm YouGov has surveyed the British public on their attitudes to this week’s big news story: the detention of David Miranda, partner of Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who’s worked with Edward Snowden, the former US intelligence officer on whistleblowing / leaking details of the the surveillance activities of the US and British intelligence agencies. […]