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Is this the most biased opinion poll question ever asked?

by Stephen Tall on February 28, 2012

The Coalition for Marriage was launched last week. And as many groups do to try and drum up some publicity announce themselves to the world, they commissioned an opinion poll of public attitudes to equal marriage. Which is fair enough. But then, it appears, a thought struck them. The UK is, by and large, a […]

Lib Dem conference to be asked to approve gay marriage proposal

by Stephen Tall on August 8, 2010

Today’s Independent reports: The Liberal Democrats are to use their first party conference in government to adopt a radical new policy calling for gay marriage. The paper points out the tensions such a policy could spark with the socially conservative right-wing among the Tories. However, I’m intrigued by the paper’s suggestions that it also “risks […]

Swinson: We need to make girls feel confident about their own body

by Stephen Tall on August 4, 2010

Almost exactly a year ago, Lib Dem MPs Jo Swinson and Lynne Featherstone were among those in the party’s Real Women group leading the campaign to “Ban airbrushing in children’s adverts”, a view later endorsed by an independent Home Office report. They’ve been joined in their campaign now by Girlguiding UK, which is today launching […]

Cameron filmed confused and clueless in gay equality TV interview

by Stephen Tall on March 23, 2010

Channel 4 tonight broadcast excerpts from a quite extraordinary filmed interview with David Cameron in which the Tory leader appears utterly confused and clueless about his party’s position on the issue of gay equality. After stumbling over his own words, contradicting himself, and admitting he hasn’t got the answer, a visibly flustered Mr Cameron eventually […]

Gay rights – what will you believe: the Tory spin or the Tory voting record?

by Stephen Tall on February 17, 2010

Bless Nick Herbert: he’s doing his best today to make the claim that the Tories’ attitudes to homosexuality have changed, and that gay people should trust the party. The trouble is Nick has to contend with the reality of the Tories’ voting record – which, as the Lib Dems have pointed out, shows what the Tory party really believes.

The voting records of current Tory MPs who are standing again in 2010 show that:

Tory councillor’s nicknames: domestic abuse victims are “screamers”, gay people are “queens”

by Stephen Tall on January 28, 2010

Brentwood Tory councillor Keith Parker has shown the caring, sharing side of his party in the last week. PinkNews reports:

A Tory councillor in Brentwood who made a joke about promoting gay rights and help for domestic violence victims has been accused of being offensive.
Keith Parker, the councillor for Brizes and Doddinghurst ward, remarked at a […]

Daily View 2×2: 25 January 2010

by Stephen Tall on January 25, 2010

Happy Monday morning, everyone. Let’s get straight down to business …
2 Must-Read Blog Posts

What are other Liberal Democrat bloggers saying? Here’s are two posts that have caught the eye from the Liberal Democrat Blogs aggregator:

“Change”: deliberate, disingenuous, dangerous deception (Jock Coats)
There can be no “change” whilst the wheels of State rumble on. Changing […]

LDV readers say: no to all-women short-lists and quotas, yes to better training and support

by Stephen Tall on November 8, 2009

Three weeks ago, LDV posed the following question – How should the Lib Dems increase their number of female MPs? – in the wake of Nick Clegg’s frank admission to the Speaker’s Conference that the Lib Dem Parliamentary Party is “woefully unrepresentative of modern Britain”.
Here’s what you told us:

8% (23 votes) – All women […]

NEW POLL: How should the Lib Dems increase their number of female MPs?

by Stephen Tall on October 21, 2009

At the Speaker’s Conference yesterday, Nick Clegg delivered a frank assessment of the Lib Dem Parliamentary Party, calling it “woefully unrepresentative of modern Britain”. It’s not hard to see why. No ethnic minority MPs, and just nine female MPs among our 63 representatives. Woeful is the word.
The real question is: what to do about it? […]

LDV readers say: almost half believe anonymous job applications "an unnecessary measure"

by Stephen Tall on July 16, 2009

A couple of weeks ago, Lib Dem Voice highlighted Lynne Featherstone’s campaign to make it mandatory for all written job applications to be anonymous, in order to eliminate any subconscious discrimination employers might harbour when they (eg) see a name (…)

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