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The 100-plus Labour MPs publicly opposing electoral reform

by Stephen Tall on December 30, 2010

Poor Ed Miliband. In his first speech to the Labour party conference he tried his valiant best to show that Labour had changed, that it was a party which could re-claim the progressive liberalism it so happily junked in the Blair/Brown years. No more ID cards, detention without trial, control orders etc — so said […]

Guardian verdict on voting reform: “Mr Clegg spoke for progress; Mr Straw for reaction.”

by Stephen Tall on September 7, 2010

The Guardian has not always been kind to the Coalition since its formation; still less to the Lib Dems. But its stinging rebuke to Labour’s “opposition for opposition’s sake” — with its attempt last night cynically to torpedo the Lib/Con government’s electoral reform measures — might perhaps give the new party leader pause for thought. […]

Clegg on AV referendum bill: “We must make the system fair. We must put people back in charge.”

by Stephen Tall on September 7, 2010

The BBC reports: Plans to change the way MPs are elected have cleared the first Commons hurdle. A bill introducing a referendum on changing the voting system, changes to constituency boundaries and fewer MPs, was backed by 328 votes to 269. Labour says the changes would affect Labour-supporting areas and said the bill was “political […]

LDV survey: 96% of Lib Dem members back AV – but majority with “no real enthusiasm”

by Stephen Tall on August 31, 2010

Lib Dem Voice has polled our members-only forum to discover what Lib Dem members think of a variety of key issues, and what you make of the Lib Dems’ and Government’s performance to date. Almost 600 party members have responded, and we’re currently publishing the full results of our survey. Today we’re looking at the […]

Should our MPs give Clegg more support in the Commons?

by Stephen Tall on July 6, 2010

Yesterday Nick Clegg stood up as Deputy Prime Minister in the House of Commons and announced there would be a referendum to reform the voting system within the next year. If I’d suggested just a few weeks ago that I would be able to type that sentence with a straight face I imagine most folk […]

David Miliband backs Alternative Vote reform, lays down gauntlet to Cameron

by Stephen Tall on July 2, 2010

With Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg set to announce 5th May, 2011, as the date of the referendum on electoral reform, David Miliband – currently the leading contender to become the next Labour leader – was this morning asked the direct question whether he would back the move to the Alternative Vote. His answer was […]

Forget hung parliaments. This is the general election result which is truly scary.

by Stephen Tall on March 31, 2010

For the last month the opinion polls have been suggesting a hung parliament is the most likely outcome of the forthcoming general election. This has spooked some of those “pin-striped Scargills”, who would much rather their Tory friends were able to start slashing public spending without the restraining need to build consensus ahead of what […]

Is this the general election result that would usher in electoral reform?

by Stephen Tall on March 27, 2010

So the polls are narrowing, the Tory lead tottering along within the range of 2-7%. As we all know, the Tories need to poll at around 40% to be sure of a working majority, or else they will have to significantly out-perform their national ratings in the key marginal battlegrounds.
And if they don’t succeed? […]

The 14 non-Lib Dem MPs who backed the Single Transferable Vote

by Stephen Tall on February 10, 2010

The House of Commons yesterday voted by 365 votes to 187 to hold a UK-wide referendum on changing the voting system next year from first-past-the-post to the alternative vote. The Lib Dems reluctantly voted for the alternative vote, as the most modest of improvements on the current, broken system.
But the party, in the person […]

Vince: financial markets have nothing to fear from hung parliament

by Stephen Tall on February 7, 2010

Here’s how the Financial Times reports it:
A hung parliament might frighten the markets, but according to Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman, the concerns are “completely and totally irrational”.
The Lib Dems point out that many of the world’s leading economies, including Germany and Italy, hold elections that almost always produce results where the leading party […]