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The Economist on the success of the Pupil Premium: “A pricey education policy looks like money well spent”

by Stephen Tall on March 3, 2016

Embed from Getty Images I’ve said before that I think the Pupil Premium – £2.5 billion of extra money given to schools to support children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds — is one of the most progressive government policies (…)

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6 big challenges facing schools today

by Stephen Tall on November 23, 2015

What are 6 of the biggest challenges facing schools today? I’ve set out my list today, drawn from our ‘really difficult box’, in a blog-post with my Education Endowment Foundation work-hat on — together with some thoughts on how we (…)

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What should be the next government’s top priority for education?

by Stephen Tall on April 17, 2015

‘What should be the next government’s top priority for education?’ That was the question I was asked by the Association of Charitable Foundations for their April 2015 magazine, Trust and Foundation News, wearing my day-job hat as development director of (…)

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How do we make education evidence-led?

by Stephen Tall on March 10, 2014

That was the topic up for debate on Saturday at the Lib Dem conference fringe meeting organised by CentreForum and the Social Liberal Forum. I was one of the four panellists – speaking with my day-job hat on – alongside (…)

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Here’s what I’m doing in York on Saturday

by Stephen Tall on March 7, 2014

I’ve just arrived in York (my first time here: in the dark it looks very nice; I’m told in the light it will be even nicer) for the Lib Dems’ spring conference. Which is like the autumn conference, except smaller, (…)

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The social divide of access to higher education: my take on what universities need to get better at. (Hint: EVIDENCE)

by Stephen Tall on January 24, 2014

I took part in the first ‘Directors Debate’ yesterday – on the real value and true price of scholarships in higher education – organised by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education at Senate House in London yesterday. We had 5 (…)

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‘What Works’? Here’s what I wrote for the Guardian Public live-chat about putting evidence to use in schools

by Stephen Tall on December 4, 2013

I’ve written a fair amount about evidence-based policy over the past couple of years – check-out my posts here – partly linked to my day-job fund-raising for the Education Endowment Foundation, a charity which aims to increase the attainment of (…)

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The Daily Mail, that Ofsted report, and setting for pupils: what does the evidence say?

by Stephen Tall on June 13, 2013

It’s my own fault, I know, for looking at the Daily Mail: Put pupils in sets at 11 to help brightest, says Ofsted: Call for pupils to be separated to make sure top students don’t slip back academically Pretty definitive, (…)

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Evidence-based policy is now official government policy. So will they actually follow the evidence?

by Stephen Tall on March 4, 2013

As of today, I officially work for a ‘What Works’ organisation – the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) – part of the ‘What Works Network’ Danny Alexander and Oliver Letwin are launching today. Here’s the Financial Times report: A drive to (…)

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A little bit about my job. A whole lot more about the importance of evidence-based policy and RCTs.

by Stephen Tall on November 23, 2012

A rare work-focused post follows… It’s been almost a year since I started a new job, working at the Education Endowment Foundation. It’s a new grant-making charity, a rare combination of a start-up with money (you can normally be one (…)

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