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Lib Dem Chief Whip on David Ward: “I do not intend to take further action in relation to the tweet”

by Stephen Tall on August 13, 2014

Three weeks ago, Lib Dem MP for Bradford East David Ward tweeted: “The big question is – if I lived in #Gaza would I fire a rocket? – probably yes”. The following day he issued an apology, saying: I utterly condemn the violence on both sides in Israel and Gaza. I condemn the actions of […]

Reshuffle redux: how Lib Dem members rated the ministerial performances of the sacked and the promoted

by Stephen Tall on October 12, 2013

I posted earlier the most recent ratings by Lib Dem members of the party’s government ministers. Here’s how those affected by the reshuffle have done over the three-plus years we’ve been running our members’ surveys… Sacked Michael Moore (Secretary of State for Scotland, May 2010 to Oct 2013) Jeremy Browne (Minister – Foreign Office, May […]

LDVideo: Remembering the 1992 general election, 20 years ago today

by Stephen Tall on April 9, 2012

Thursday, 9th April, 1992 — the first election for the newly-formed Liberal Democrats, and the last election when the Tories won a parliamentary majority. Here’s a video trip down memory lane… Andrew Marr on John Major’s biggest popular mandate in electoral history Paddy Ashdown on the campaign trail Charles Kennedy and Don Foster interviewed on […]

LDVideo | Election archive special… 1992

by Stephen Tall on August 27, 2011

Last weekend — in a desperate attempt to offer our readers an alternative to The X-Factor — we highlighted some clips from elections of yesteryear: first, the 1960-70s, then the 1980s. Today, we’re scrolling forward to the video footage of the 1992 general election… Paddy Ashdown on the campaign trail (Available on YouTube here.) Don […]

News in Brief: Ming savages Danny, ‘Parenting Matters’, and Don Foster on “rodents with wings”

by Stephen Tall on August 6, 2011

Former party leader Ming Campbell is apparently furious with fellow Scottish Lib Dem, Danny Alexander, according to the Telegraph. The two MPs are, it appears, at each others’ metaphorical throats over the handing over to the British army of RAF Leuchars in Fife (Ming’s patch), while RAF Lossiemouth in Moray (Danny’s neighbouring patch) — though […]

Oh God … It’s Don’s “there’s too many repeats on telly” rant again

by Stephen Tall on December 3, 2009

In what has become a tradition almost as eagerly anticipated as the Queen’s Speech, Lib Dem shadow culture secretary Don Foster has unleashed his annual broadside against telly bosses for broadcasting too many repeats. The Telegraph dusts off the same-old, same-old:
Nearly 600 hours of repeats will be shown on Britain’s four main television channels over […]

Film censorship "in chaos", says Foster

by Stephen Tall on August 25, 2009

As the BBC reports: Retailers who sell violent video games and 18-rated DVDs to children cannot be prosecuted because of a legal blunder 25 years ago. Dozens of prosecutions under a 1984 Act have been dropped because the government of (…)

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Should BBC licence fee-payers foot £150k 'Sachsgate' fine?

by Stephen Tall on April 5, 2009

No, says Don Foster, the Lib Dems’ shadow culture, media and sports secretary, following media regulator Ofcom’s announcement on Friday that it was fining the BBC £150,000 following the infamous prank calls made by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross on (…)

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Lib Dems reveal one playing field sold off every day last year

by Stephen Tall on March 12, 2009

Ahh, the wonders of government spin… here’s a BBC report from yesterday: The Government is claiming greater success in its efforts to protect playing fields from developers. The latest figures show 97.5% of planning applications resulted in improved or protected (…)

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Foster brands BBC "disgraceful" for refusal to air charity appeal for Gaza

by Stephen Tall on January 24, 2009

The BBC reports on the latest developments in the ongoing row over the Corporation’s decision not to screen an appeal by the Disasters Emergency Committee for Gaza because it does not want to compromise its commitment to impartiality: ITV, Channel (…)

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