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What Chris Fox did next

by Stephen Tall on January 6, 2012

It’s four months since we reported the departure of party chief executive Chris Fox, who did such a good job of filling the big shoes of his predecessor, Chris Rennard. Apparently, though, there is life beyond the Lib Dems — as PR Week reports: Chris Fox today started in his newly created post of director […]

What do the Lib Dems need from the party’s next Chief Executive?

by Stephen Tall on October 1, 2011

As readers of Liberal Democrat News — and the party’s website — will know the Lib Dem are searching for a new chief executive to succeed Chris Fox. Here’s the job ad: The Liberal Democrat Party is appointing a new Chief Executive. Liberal Democrat Headquarters, London, SW1 The Chief Executive leads the Party administration and […]

Chris Fox appointed Lib Dems' interim chief executive

by Stephen Tall on June 25, 2009

Ros Scott, the Lib Dem party president, has just issued the following announcement that Chris Fox will take over as interim chief executive of the party during July: Following this month’s announcement that we will be appointing an Interim Chief (…)

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The Lib Dems' 'Smeargate' silence: well-judged or a missed opportunity?

by Stephen Tall on April 15, 2009

Like it or not, there’s no doubting that the political story of the past few days has been Damian McBride’s leaked emails touting various smear stories targeting Tories. Yet visit the Lib Dem website and you will find no mention; (…)

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