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Nick Clegg’s Letter from the Leader: “Behind the Budget – economic analysis, confidential briefings and cottage pie”

by Stephen Tall on March 24, 2013

Nick Clegg’s latest letter to supporters focuses on this week’s Budget taking us behind-the-scenes of how it was developed, and highlighting the Lib Dem successes alongside the challenges still facing the UK. Agreeing the Budget is a long and painstaking process. It started at the beginning of the year, with a presentation by the Chancellor […]

Budget 2013: Osborne crosses fingers and hopes ‘steady as she goes’ will come good by 2015

by Stephen Tall on March 20, 2013

Move along, nothing to see here… This was a steady-as-she-goes budget at a time when the economy is anything-but-steady. Of course as Lib Dems it’s great to welcome the final push towards lifting all those paid less than £10,000 out of income tax. As my Co-Editor Caron Lindsay notes here, this is a policy direct […]