A new Centre Party? Here’s my take…

by Stephen Tall on March 31, 2017

ns oppostnThe New Statesman’s striking cover story this week — “Wanted! An Opposition” — is well worth a read.

In one article, George Eaton reports the musings (they don’t seem to be much stronger than that) that a new centrist party might emerge, uniting Labour and Conservative moderates left homeless by their parties’ lurches to the left and right. Conservative backbencher Anna Soubry’s quote is the most enthusiastic:

“If it could somehow be the voice of a moderate, sensible, forward-thinking, visionary middle way, with open minds – actually things which I’ve believed in all my life – better get on with it.”

Better get on with it. Hmm. But that doesn’t look likely, does it?

Which prompted me to tweet a THREAD on the train home from work late last night: