Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ – sign the petition, write to your MP

by Stephen Tall on January 29, 2017

I’ve spent the past 24 hours watching events unfold in the US, feeling angry, horrified – and helpless. 

Two small (I’m well aware) practical things I’ve done are: 

(1) sign that petition – it’s not really how I’d have worded it, but sometimes that’s not really the point;
(2) written to my MP – which puts Donald Trump on a par with Southern Rail. If that comparison doesn’t hurt him, nothing will. Text below. 

I’m not sure what either will achieve. But it’s a little bit more useful than angrily doing nothing. 

Dear Mr Quin,

I have been horrified watching events in the US this weekend. 

For President Trump to blanket ban individuals from seven Muslim-majority countries, including those who are British nationals, with no warning and without good reason is shaming for his country. 

What is shaming for this country is that our Prime Minister should take so long even to disagree with his executive order (let alone condemn it). 

It is hard not to conclude that the UK’s desperation for trade deals post-Brexit is blinding your Government to the dangers posed by the Trump administration to the good name of western liberal democracy. 

I ask you to make representations to your party leader to make it clear that the UK should oppose President Trump’s policy, which does such damage to any claim the US might have to be the ‘leader of the free world’. 

I understand the Prime Minister has a duty to talk with democratically elected world leaders irrespective of her own views. I hope, though, that in future when it comes to dealing with the Trump administration she will take her own advice: “engage but beware”.

Thank you in anticipation of your careful consideration of this matter. 

Stephen Tall

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