Tories announce new education policy: schools free to do exactly what the Government tells them to

by Stephen Tall on September 3, 2014

The Guardian reports that new Tory education secretary Nicky Morgan is about to make her first major policy announcement – and it’s, erm, interesting: Compulsory setting according to ability in England’s secondary schools is to be proposed by the education (…)

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Postponed: Lib Dem pre-manifesto launch delayed owing to international situation

by Stephen Tall on September 3, 2014

The news of a further murder of a US hostage by ‘Islamic State’ broke last night. The Lib Dems have, therefore, decided to postpone today’s scheduled launch of the party’s pre-manifesto. The pre-manifesto is the document agreed by the Lib Dems’ elected federal policy committee (FPC) to be submitted to this autumn’s conference for approval. […]