The Lib Dems’ ‘bedroom tax’ U-turn: new poll on what the voters think about it

by Stephen Tall on July 20, 2014

The Lib Dems announced a few days ago the party’s 2015 manifesto would propose reform of the ‘bedroom tax’ / ‘spare room subsidy’, which would means no tenant would have any of their housing benefit withdrawn unless they had turned down an offer of a smaller property. It was a long overdue climbdown – as […]

My pick of 15 top books to read this summer

by Stephen Tall on July 20, 2014

The newspapers are awash with summer best-reads at the moment, as well-known writers pick the books to relax with by the pool. You know the kind of thing: “It’s at this time of year I typically embark on re-reading Proust’s À la recherche du temps perdu, translating it into Russian (which I’m learning to relax […]

My recommended reading for today July 20, 2014

by Stephen Tall on July 20, 2014

Here’s some of the articles that have caught my attention in the past couple of days… A Brief History of Bloggering – The Morning News ‘A Brief History of Bloggering’: “He had over 5 regular readers, 2 of them via (…)

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