My recommended reading for today January 18, 2014

by Stephen Tall on January 18, 2014

Here’s today’s hand-picked selection that caught my interest…

    Interesting Speccie article looking at impact on Scottish referendum if Ukip fail in Scot but advance in England
    / @Peston explains why Lab’s bank break-up has not hurt shares (A: investors don’t believe him.)
    Ipsos-MORI leader satisfactn ratings for Jan 2014 Interesting thing is there’s not much diff btwn Cam, Mili or Clegg.
    “Was the UK government’s use of North Sea Oil a scandal?” « Interesting, rational analysis by Simon Wren-Lewis.
  • Lib Dems: The in-betweeners | Total Politics
    Just filed my latest @TotalPolitics column. You can read this month’s – The in-betweeners – here:

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