Coalition and Beyond: Kirsty Williams on Grassroots Economics marks Day 4 of countdown to publication

by Stephen Tall on September 13, 2013

Lib Reform book‘Coalition and Beyond: Liberal Reforms for the Decade Ahead’ is published this Saturday, 15th September, at the Glasgow conference.

With a foreword by Nick Clegg, and ahem edited by me, it brings together 20 essays by a disparate group of liberals.

Some will have you nodding along in agreement; others will probably have you spluttering in disbelief. That’s as it should be. Nowt worse than group-think, especially in a party wrestling with how to defend its record in government while renewing itself ready for the next election.

Liberal Reform, which has brought the contributors together, is offering a sneak preview of one essay each day this week to whet your appetite:

Day 1 – A whole new kind of choice in public services, by David Boyle

Day 2 – Liberal Education: Academies Revisited, by Paul Hunt

Day 3 – Banking, by Baroness (Susan) Kramer

On Day 4, it’s the turn of Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader, Kirsty Williams AM to focus on Grassroots Economics. As you would expect her focus is on the economy in Wales, comparing the country’s recent lack of success with growth in Scotland – which she doesn’t simply blame on Labour’s policy failures but at least as importantly on the additional powers the Scottish Parliament has to determine its own future. Her over-riding point is strong and well-made: ‘Economic growth is improved when local units have control over economic levers and a radical approach to the distribution of power must recognise this’. The nascent economic recovery cannot be dependent solely on London and the South East: each and every part of the UK must be part of the solution.

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