Clegg threat to block any further welfare cuts unless Cameron agrees to tax wealthy pensioners’ benefits

by Stephen Tall on April 25, 2013

It’s 18 months since Nick Clegg first publicly aired the idea that some universal benefits given to better-off pensioners should be means-tested — an idea that’s found favour with two-thirds of Lib Dem members. There have always been three problems with the idea. The first problem is that means-testing is bureaucratic and potentially expensive. However, […]

Today’s Link-Love: April 25, 2013

by Stephen Tall on April 25, 2013

Here’s today’s hand-picked selection that caught my interest… The snooper's charter has reminded Nick Clegg, finally, he is a liberal | Nick Thornsby | Comment is free | Good stuff from @NickThornsby > The snooper’s charter has reminded Nick (…)

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Relief as 0.3% GDP growth shows economy flat-lining not shrinking. Has the Coalition’s mid-term slump bottomed out?

by Stephen Tall on April 25, 2013

Reading too much into quarterly GDP figures is, of course, a mug’s game. They’re noticed mainly by avid Westminster-watchers and frequently revised both up and down. None of that means they don’t matter, though. They frame the way politics is reported in the here and now. And that can affect what happens in the future. […]