Mark Pack helps Lib Dems press the party’s buttons

by Stephen Tall on October 29, 2012

My thanks and congratulations to Mark Pack for resurrecting the automatically updated campaign buttons which can now adorn Lib Dem websites — you can see what they look like for yourselves by casting your eyes rightwards on this page. As Mark explains of the original intention behind the buttons, they were:

a great way for the party to be able to push out quickly and widely adverts for new campaigns, policy launches and the like, whilst for those running sites it made for some automatically updated and useful content which they did not have to look after.

And of its re-incarnation he says:

It’s primarily outward looking, so the content it will feature is designed to tell the public what the Liberal Democrats have done and why the party should be supported, making it suitable – for example – for local councillor, local campaigners or MP websites.

If, like me, you have a WordPress blog, you simply need to add a Widget to your sidebar by following these 4 quick ‘n easy steps once you’re logged in:

1) Click on ‘Appearance’ in your left-hand menu;
2) Choose the second option down, ‘Widget’;
3) Select the ‘Text’ widget that allows what’s termed ‘arbitrary text and html’;
4) Copy and paste the following code into it, making sure you have ‘straight’ (rather than ‘curly’) “quotation marks”:


Like this: