5 quick thoughts on David Cameron’s speech

by Stephen Tall on October 10, 2012

Last week I posted 5 quick thoughts on Ed Miliband’s speech. Here, fresh off the Twitter, are my 5 initial thoughts on David Cameron’s speech to the Tory party conference…

Cameron’s speech in 5 tweets #cpc12

Storified by Stephen Tall · Wed, Oct 10 2012 05:06:06

Cameron speech (1/5): The theme ‘Aspiration Nation’ may be cannier than Miliband’s ‘One Nation’: carefully, specifically targets key voters.Stephen Tall
Came speech (2/5): the personal bits were moving (Ivan’s wheelchair, father’s disability) – reminder that disadvantage takes many forms.Stephen Tall
Cam speech (3/5): Telling that main tax-cut he boasted about was raising tax threshold (LibDem policy); but also staunch defence of 50p cut.Stephen Tall
Cam speech (4/5): Coalition parties ~united on econ/education. So big flashpoint this year will be welfare cuts: Tories confid in pop appealStephen Tall
Cam speech (5/5): So effective speech but changes nothing: 2015 still hinges on economic recovery wth Tories at advntg http://bit.ly/PUzq3QStephen Tall