Are you coming to the Top Secret Lib Dem Blog of the Year awards tonight? Saturday 10pm, Grand Hotel (Pavilion Room)

by Stephen Tall on September 22, 2012

Tonight will be the seventh annual Lib Dem Blog of the Year awards, which LibDemVoice is once again organising (or, more accurately, which Helen Duffett is masterminding).

I’m one of the judges so my lips are sealed about pretty much everything. As indeed is the Conference directory which has managed to omit entirely any mention of the Awards, and also failed to mention the omission in the subsequent Corrections sheet. So these truly are the Top Secret Lib Dem Blog of the Year awards. But let me lift the veil of secrecy just a little to tell you when and where it’s all taking place…

Tonight, Saturday 22nd October — 10pm, Grand Hotel (Pavilion Room). (Listed here at

The Awards always make me a little nostalgic, bringing back memories of 2006 — a particularly fond year for me as I hadn’t yet turned 30, could get away with slim-fit T-shirts and was given the inaugural Best Blog BOTY by Lynne Featherstone.

Oh, and go on then, here’s my little speech that night: