My Olympics closing ceremony in way too many tweets

by Stephen Tall on August 13, 2012

So it’s over… til the Paralympics in a fortnight’s time anyway. I loved London 2012. Partly the sport, but mainly that it allowed us a glimpse of a happier, de-cynicised, un-post-ironic, joyous nation taking pride not only in athletic achievement from across the world, but also in treating each other with common humanity. Break’s over, I know, but wouldn’t it be good to hold on to that shared feeling? Anyway, here’s my real-time tweet-vérité from last night’s closing ceremony…

My Olympics closing ceremony in way too many tweets

Storified by Stephen Tall · Sun, Aug 12 2012 23:58:21

New from me > How I feel about the Olympics in 5 minutes, as told by John Finnemore AKA "Come on The British One!" Tall
Gorgeous quote from wide-eyed boy in BBC London 2012 retrospective. Eye-moistening » RT @alexsmith1982: "I felt. Like…I was in Wonderland"Stephen Tall
Oh no, Trevor Nelson. Again. Might cry for different reasons.Stephen Tall
RT @TheMichaelMoran: This #olympics picture should be on every – and I mean EVERY – front page (via @mikehughescq)Stephen Tall
Hmm, the Spall/Churchill thing. Not so much. Fans of them both separately tho.Stephen Tall
That bloody red bus from Beijing is so going to make a re-appearance at this rate.Stephen Tall
Okay, you got me back on board again with Pet Shop Boys THEN YOU RUIN-1D-ED IT!Stephen Tall
RT @mssusieday: This is our reintroduction to reality, isn’t it? Goodbye joy and hope and belief, hello gloom and hating ourselves. Bum.Stephen Tall
Who was the guy waving from the top of Big Ben? #bitlostStephen Tall
The cat’s review of the closing ceremony so far Tall
Y’know how in the opening ceremony the athletes bit was the boring part? So pleased they’ve arrived now.Stephen Tall
Loving this part. Stadium looks beautiful.Stephen Tall
So this the athletes’ own version of Pandemonium…? It’s kinda cool.Stephen Tall
RT @asburyandasbury: Philosophical note: the rightful calling-out of shit as being shit is not a return to cynicism, but a necessary precondition of idealism.Stephen Tall
RT @archiebland: the key thing: yes it’s all a bit shit but also it doesn’t matter a jot that it’s all a bit shit, and we’re not ‘cynical’ for noticingStephen Tall
Here come the Games Makers. Big yay for them. Amazing folk.Stephen Tall
Bowie? Now we’re talking. *happy face*Stephen Tall
Oh. So it’s not actually Bowie. *sad face*Stephen Tall
My fault really. I Olympismed too soon.Stephen Tall
Say what you like, Russell Brand is INTERESTING. Which is kinda a relief right now.Stephen Tall
3 things I like in a row (Brand, Slim, Jessie). Begone my cynicism.Stephen Tall
Haha! RT @mrianleslie: Each of the octopus’s eight arms represents a different event in Olympic dressage #incaseyouwerewonderingStephen Tall
Yay, #closingcermony gone good!Stephen Tall
RT @fudgemunch: This is like Danny Boyle jumped off a Bedford Falls bridge and Clarence the Angel is showing him what life would be like without him.Stephen Tall
The Spice Girls thought that "Thanks for the warm-up" ad was all about them, right?Stephen Tall
Frankly, if you’re not smiling a smile of joy now you have no soul. #closingceremony #spicegirlsStephen Tall
I dance like that too. Don’t worry, Boris and Dave, there’s no shame. Oh wait, sorry there is shame. A lot of shame. As my g/f oft-observes.Stephen Tall
So why didn’t they start with Python and avoid the last 2 hours’ Twitter cynicism? Loving it!Stephen Tall
He did the swear and everything. Yay :)Stephen Tall
Does Twitter really think the Indian dancers were hired just to snark David Cameron? You’re all a bit weird sometimes.Stephen Tall
Boris dancing vid… the fact that Dave’s there too doesn’t even merit a mention in the title 🙂 Tall
Erm was that the big Symphony of Music finale – Brian May and Jessie J? I mean I quite liked it, but….Stephen Tall
Someone get the flag away from Boris when he’s that close to a couple of hundred naked flames. #accidentjustwaitingStephen Tall
Hmm so Rio forgot to bring a red bus. I tell you the Olympics just won’t work in Brazil. No sense of spectacle.Stephen Tall
Brazil’s just gone a bit Tony Ferrino on us.Stephen Tall
THIS. TOTALLY THIS. > RT @paralympic: WE’RE NEXT!!! Tall
Biggest cheers for the Games Makers. Quite right.Stephen Tall
Good on Seb Coe. Job done.Stephen Tall
Don’t let that man Rogge close our games. Quick, someone stop him. With garlic if need be.Stephen Tall
Okay, so this thing was worth sticking with.Stephen Tall
That Olympic cauldron is a work of beautifulness.Stephen Tall
What, you mean it’s actually over? You’re joking me, yes?Stephen Tall
Stadium looks amazing. Going to bed, bit sad, totally happy. Loved loved loved London 2012.Stephen Tall
RT @C4Paralympics: Now tell your friends, tell your family, tell everyone you know: the #superhumans are coming. Tall

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New from me > My Olympics closing ceremony in way too many tweets

by Stephen Tall on August 13, 2012 at 7:05 am. Reply #

New from me > My Olympics closing ceremony in way too many tweets

by Stephen Tall on August 13, 2012 at 9:35 am. Reply #

New from me > My Olympics closing ceremony in way too many tweets

by Stephen Tall on August 13, 2012 at 12:05 pm. Reply #

New from me > My Olympics closing ceremony in way too many tweets

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