In case you were wondering, here’s how I did in Thursday’s election

by Stephen Tall on May 6, 2012

I mentioned a month ago I was standing for election to Oxford City Council, the first time my name had appeared on a ballot paper since 2004. So I thought I ought to finish the story, and let you know how I got on…

    Headington Hill and Northway

    Electorate: 4,882, Ballot papers issued: 1,232, Turnout: 25.24%
    Greens 156
    Labour 589 – ELECTED
    UKIP 97
    Conservatives 273
    TALL Stephen Joseph (Liberal Democrat) 110

Ah well.

On the up-side, the ward I helped work — Headington, where I was a councillor for eight years — stayed true to the Lib Dems, with my superbly hard-working successor Ruth Wilkinson re-elected for a second term. Indeed, she won the highest number of votes of any candidate who stood for election in Oxford this year: fantastically well-deserved.

Elsewhere, it wasn’t a great night for Oxford’s Lib Dems. Thankfully none of our sitting councillors was defeated, but we lost three seats we were defending. Perhaps not surprisingly, they were the central Oxford wards of Holywell, Carfax and North, where there’s a high concentration of student voters.

Labour now has 29 seats on Oxford City Council to the Lib Dems’ 13, with the Greens on five, and one independent. It’s a bit of a turnaround from six years ago, when the Lib Dems were the single largest party. Once again — and as correctly predicted by Baroness Warsi — no Tory was elected in Oxford.

Here for posterity was my election campaign leaflet for Headington Hill & Northway…