The Oxford Ukip candidate who says people who ‘choose’ to be gay should stop ‘complaining about persecution’

by Stephen Tall on May 1, 2012

Sadly I don’t have the pleasure of standing against Ukip candidate Dr Julia Gasper — who has said people who ‘choose’ to be gay should stop ‘complaining about persecution’ — in the elections to Oxford City Council this Thursday. That honour falls to my Lib Dem colleague, Roz Smith, who’s standing for near-by Quarry & Risinghurst.

Without apparent irony, Dr Gasper has followed up her advice to gays to stop complaining about being persecuted with a complaint that she is being persecuted, likening her plight to Salman Rushdie’s.

To be clear, if people have made anonymous death threats against Dr Gasper that’s entirely wrong (and of course a police matter). But when standing for election you have to pledge to represent everyone, not only those who vote for you. It’s clear Dr Gasper has no wish to represent the views of minorities she disapproves of, something I hope the voters of Quarry & Risinghurst take into account when casting their votes this Thursday.