Popbitch on… the Social Mobility Agenda and Cricket

by Stephen Tall on March 15, 2012

For years my colleagues at The Sutton Trust have been noting how the failure of the British educational/class/economic* system is nowhere more apparent than in the dwindling access to top professions for state school students.

Now the satirical gossip website Popbitch is highlighting the increasing social mobility gap in this country between the haves and unlikely-ever-to-haves.

Here’s a snippet from this week’s Popbitch email:

How times have changed for England

In 1986-87, the England cricket touring party had one player who was privately educated.

In the current England squad, two-thirds are privately educated.

Being state educated means you are statistically 20x less likely to play cricket for England than if you went to private school. The same trend can be seen in Rugby Union and British Olympians.

From Ed Smith’s new book on Luck.

If you’d like to see how education impacts on the career choices of the ‘top’ professions — those who in politics, law, academia, medicine and the media run our country — then do check out the research publications at The Sutton Trust website here.

* delete according to taste.