Lib Dem conference: the aftermath – 3 must-read articles

by Stephen Tall on March 12, 2012

#ldconf, the NHS Bill, and Where The Leadership Stands Now (Andy Hinton)

I don’t agree with every word of Andy’s analysis, but it’s an admirable attempt to wrestle with the dilemmas which conflicted many party members over the weekend. Do go read, and judge for yourselves.

John Kampfner: Williams isn’t a traitor, she’s a grown-up (Independent)

John Kampfner is one of the few (only?) political commentators in the UK who has genuinely throught about the meaning of Coalition government. While sympathetic to the Lib Dems he is not soft on the party either:

In an emotional address, Williams denounced her Labour critics for “tribalism trumping truth”. I’m not sure she’s right on the truth part. This Bill, even while improved, remains deeply flawed. But on the narrowness of the tribe, this grand dame of the centre-Left has nailed it in one.

Why I left the Lib Dems (James Graham)

There’s no disguising that James’s resignation from the party — seemingly as much for personal as political reasons — is a big loss. I don’t by any means always agree with him, but he is a liberal-to-the-core who challenges sloppy thinking wherever it emanates, and I hope that won’t change regardless of his membership status.


Oh, and as a bonus extra here’s my fleeting appearance in today’s Times, where this article — a round-up of initial reaction to the party’s NHS Bill debate — is quoted by Sam Coates: