The LDV Friday Five (Late Edition): 6 August 2011

by Stephen Tall on August 6, 2011

It’s Friday. Okay, it isn’t. But at least it’s five o’clock. Here’s a fistful of lists that sum up the LDV week in our belated Friday Five:

5 most-read stories on LDV this week

  1. Opinion: Why we should praise Louise Mensch (37 comments) by Lee Chalmers
  2. Could you edit The Guardian? Take a simple test (32 comments) by Mark Pack
  3. Opinion: Nick Clegg and the next parliamentary term (34 comments) by Charlotte Henry
  4. Councillor Warren Swaine reinstated after Twitter race row (26 comments) by The Voice
  5. Who are the Lib Dems ‘unconventional men (or women) whose mad ideas make us think’? (31 comments) by Stephen Tall

5 sample LDV Members’ Forum threads

  1. The Death Penalty
  2. Uk IT/Engineering graduate unemployment c.f. Germany
  3. Traditional folk music
  4. Digital economy act “unworkable” says Vince
  5. Local Party Boundaries-switch to primary LA?

5 from the LDV archive

(6th August, 2007-10)

  1. Is this what Ming meant by being more spikey? (4) by The Voice (2007)
  2. Paris Hilton responds to John McCain (11) by Mark Pack (2008)
  3. Public in dislike of petty partisan politicking shock! (8) by Stephen Tall (2009)
  4. Millennium’s Credit Crunch Diary… July: Is it ALL about the Banks? (6) by Millennium Elephant (2009)
  5. Should prayers be a part of council meetings? (24) by Sara Bedford (2010)

5 top reader search returns to get to LDV

(excluding Liberal Democrat Voice or its variants)

  1. louise mensch
  2. martin shapland
  3. “vince cable” “deficit reduction”
  4. david laws
  5. warren swaine

5 recent Lib Dem tweets

  • @neilmonnery Apparently I’m not allowed to watch the news in my own apartment. I love having guests. No really…
  • @davepage_ld S&P have downgraded my morning from “early, productive start” to “rushed, barely functional panic” #OtherDowngrades
  • @DrEvanHarris Good piece by @bengoldacre on causation vs association But imho not always fault of meeja
  • @woodstockjag Some of us knew the stimulus packages were delaying and deepening the problem by making private debt public. Harsh truth is #hayekwasright
  • @CllrIainRoberts Facebook showing me an ad for part time low-skilled work paying £44/hr. So not a scam at all then
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    That’s it from the LDV Friday Saturday Five. Let the weekend commence continue in 5-4-3-2-1…

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