@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2011-07-22

by Stephen Tall on July 22, 2011

  • RT @JohnRentoul I just used #QTWTAIN as a verb. It is not only a noun but an acronym < actually not an acronym, but an alphabetism #pedantry #
  • My #hackgate verdict on Murdochs' performances: ignorance is no defence, deliberately staying ignorant makes you guilty. #
  • Also, I note Murdochs adopting Blair doctrine of doing the 'buck stops here' schtick while simultaneously passing the buck along the line. #
  • @GHmltn I act / You're in denial / He's a liar. Irregular verbs a la Murdochs. in reply to GHmltn #
  • @JohnRentoul Would love to hear you say #QTWTAIN as a word. I assume it comes with a Welsh accent pre-loaded? in reply to JohnRentoul #
  • RT @CASE_Europe Congrats to CASE VPIO @MotionJoanna who picks up honorary degree for services to HE today at @unikent. So deserved! < V true #

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