From animal analogies to John Cleese: fair votes explained

by Stephen Tall on March 13, 2011

The very words ‘electoral system’ are enough to make voting reform sound complicated — yet AV simply involves citizens being able to rank candidates in order of preference if we want to. Or, as Nick Clegg catchily summed it up:

The choice is simple. If you want more duck houses: vote no. If you want more democracy: vote yes.

But if you need further persuasion that the political system should treat you intelligently, here are a couple of videos…

Thr first shows — through cunning use of animals instead of political parties — how First Past The Post creates minority rule and entrenches a two-party system.

(You can watch it on YouTube here.)

While the second shows — in the inimitable style of John Cleese — how First Past The Post is quite simply undemocratic.

(You can watch it on YouTube here.)