by Stephen Tall on January 7, 2011

Two anniversaries of note this week: it’s six years since I started blogging, and our two kittens become one year old… thus making them proper grown-up cats.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my six years blogging, it is this: readers would much rather look at CUTE PICTURES OF KITTENS than read a navel-gazing article about My Writing Muse. (I know because I wrote that article a year ago here.)

So let me introduce you to the cat clan…

Here’s Leo (born 6th January, 2010)

Here’s Mia (born 11th January, 2010)

And here they both are, together:

To bring the story up-to-date, here are the kittens cats as they are today:

Finally, here are Leo and Mia with our elder cat, Max (who’s approaching his third birthday)… they all get on just fine:

Right, that’s enough cuteness for the year.

Back to politics…