@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2010-12-31

by Stephen Tall on December 31, 2010

  • Listening to I'm Sorry I Haven't A Xmas Carol while finishing Xmas shopping. Feeling Xmassy. #xmas #
  • @stephenpglenn Many thx for #ff & have a great Xmas πŸ™‚ in reply to stephenpglenn #
  • Mince pies, hot chocolate, watching Poirot, wrapping presents. *contented sigh* #
  • @willhowells Am hoping it's better than last year's crock of … This ep's vintage Poirot πŸ™‚ (Tho not quite Xmassy enough for perfectn.) in reply to willhowells #
  • Where do girls learn to wrap presents properly? Was there a module at school I missed? #
  • My diet today consists of croissant and mince pies… Perfect stomach lining for Xmas booze. Obviously. #
  • @alexwilcock I finally posted my Xmas cards today [/confession] First class, mind. #justcallmeIlPapa in reply to alexwilcock #
  • @alexwilcock Poor you – hope Xmas better than Advent. Best of the season's greetings to you, R., & @millenniumdome in reply to alexwilcock #
  • @alexwilcock Intrigued as to where the icicle formed… in reply to alexwilcock #
  • That's the Spanish Xmas eve dinner consumed. Fish all the way: muchos mariscos/pescados. Farto. (”Bloated”). Feliz navidad. #
  • My g/f is playing her new Wii game while I'm in the kitchen using my new muffin maker. I spit in the face of your social norms. #
  • Finishing Xmas Day just as the shepherds wld've had they the wherewithal: sipping port thru posh glass straw http://plixi.com/p/65561467 #
  • RT @libdemvoice The 12 Op-Eds of Xmas (Day 1) http://ldv.org.uk/22535 Belatedly: this shd have appeared on Xmas Night, sorry! #
  • @travelling_wolf "@stephentall are you tall?" << badoom tsss πŸ™‚ in reply to travelling_wolf #
  • Just scheduled 'Dan Radcliffe hexing the Lib Dems?' post for @libdemvoice. Apologies in advance for ODing on spell puns. But it was Crucio. #
  • I see @guidofawkes thinks the state shd have power of life or death over the individual http://bit.ly/eDuBiY So much for being a libertarian #
  • The paradox of the Far Right (from Stieg Larssen, v.1) http://amzn.com/k/21I91MEHNIPM9 #Kindle #
  • Have you nominated your Liberal Voice of 2010 yet? Nominations close tmrw 31 Dec: http://bit.ly/dOsurw #
  • Enjoyed re-watching Kapur's 'Elizabeth' – remembered Cantona's turn but hadn't realised both Lily + Alfie Allen were in it too. #

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