@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2010-10-29

by Stephen Tall on October 29, 2010

  • 'Daily Mail on Lib Dem achievements in the CSR' http://bit.ly/aZoSnn > via Matthew Harris, so don't worry you don't have to read the Mail. #
  • @rfenwick all in preparation for an #scd and #xfactor double-bill I presume? in reply to rfenwick #
  • First good #xfactor performance of night. Paige/John: meh. Rebecca: yay! #
  • Talking of #xfactor guilty secrets, Cher is amaaazing. #
  • @Grabcocque #justtellinitlikeitis in reply to Grabcocque #
  • Fab song choicr for Aiden. Diamonds Are Forever with added adolescent angst. Love it. #xfactor #
  • @mssusieday Hmm, Manilow. Think you're projecting guilty pleasures here. in reply to mssusieday #
  • My guity pleasure, you ask? The Bing Crosby / Argos ad. #xfactorish #
  • RT @BethEastwood Tension in the Coalition @stephentall and @torybear clash on song choice for Aidan!! > @torybear is the blogosphere's Louis #
  • @Natt @mssusieday Au contraire, I'd love to see Aiden do 'Help'. in reply to Natt #
  • Oh sweet jesus what atonally beige crud of unmusical shite is this? #xfactor #
  • RT @torybear @stephentall I am so simon. That is all. >> Fine. Bagsy I'm Cheryl. #
  • That was a brilliant Jungle Book arrangement, shame about the singing. #xfactor As they say in the US version, "very pitchy". #
  • Yes, that last tweet does mean I've seen the US #xfactor #notguiltycositwasntpleasure #
  • @sjharte You're quite right, I meant American Idol. How cd I get the two confused? in reply to sjharte #
  • 'Simon Hughes is no rebel' http://bit.ly/cULb5G < what I wrote for The Guardian's @commentisfree about the Lib Dem deputy leader. #
  • Mortified never to have heard of Henry the Impotent. Feel a fool. #poundrop #
  • Have placed all my money on Brown being older PM than Blair or Major. #millionpounddrop #
  • Have placed all my money on Brown being older PM than Blair or Major. #millionpounddrop >> and I was right, sorry for guys who weren't. #
  • @nextleft @krishgm Isn't most important thing re poppies that loadsamoney raised for Royal British Legion? (Tho will wait til 1 Nov myself.) #
  • Ah, the joy of Grauniad CiF. Have responded here http://bit.ly/bg33EB to comments on my post, Simon Hughes is no rebel http://bit.ly/cULb5G #
  • RT @Thomoli Well done on the original article and the follow up comments. Also cheers for the direction to the Time Out article < many thx. #
  • @Laurie1984 Thx – the CiF comment threads kinda amuse me, they're so absurdly OTT-ly vitriolic. in reply to Laurie1984 #
  • RT @rfenwick: Twitter's iPad app has FINALLY found someone "Similar to" me… Step forward @stephentall, the poor bastard » I'm honoured! #
  • @alexwilcock @millenniumdome Happy anniversary to you both! Sorry, I mean all 3 of you. in reply to alexwilcock #
  • Well I paid my 20p for the Indy's new 'i'. Not convinced who the market is. Too thin to feel it's worth paying anything for. #

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