LDV survey: 84% reject idea of any electoral arrangement with the Conservatives

by Stephen Tall on August 30, 2010

Lib Dem Voice has polled our members-only forum to discover what Lib Dem members think of a variety of key issues, and what you make of the Lib Dems’ and Government’s performance to date. Almost 600 party members have responded, and we’re currently publishing the full results of our survey.

The possibility of a non-aggression electoral pact between the Lib Dems and Conservatives has been proposed by some of the more credulous political journalists (for instance, Jim Pickard in the FT here) – so we thought we’d take the temperature of Lib Dem Voice-reading party members.

There have been some suggestions that, if the Coalition holds until 2015, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats should consider some form of electoral arrangement: perhaps the Conservatives might not stand against all Lib Dems and vice versa, or there could even be joint ‘Coalition candidates’. What best describes your view of any such arrangement:

    3% – We should actively encourage an electoral arrangement with the Conservatives in 2015, including standing down Lib Dems in some seats.
    9% – We should be open to the idea of an electoral arrangement with the Conservatives in 2015 so long as the Lib Dems contest all seats.
    84% – We should reject any suggestion of an electoral arrangement with the Conservatives and fight the next election in all seats as a party independent of either Conservatives or Labour.
    2% – Other
    1% – Don’t know / No opinion

I think we can call that a pretty decisive result, with an overwhelming majority rejecting any suggestion of a non-aggression pact, and just 3% suggesting the party should be prepared to stand down in favour of the Tories in some seats.

Interestingly, our sample of party members contrasts with ConservativeHome’s survey of registered readers, which suggested more than half of Tories were at least open to the idea of a non-aggression oact if it proved necessary.

Here’s a sample of your comments:

Any form of arrangement like that and the party is dead.

This is not a liberal government, it is a government with some liberalism. Fighting all seats allows us to argue fr a greater liberal input in the next Parliament and, if the result works out in favour of a coalition, within the next government.

Let’s see what evolves organically over the next five years, without closing off any options

I’m astonished this has been asked as a serious question. There is no way this would or should happen. I am happy to accept a coalition but if there was an electoral arrangement then that would be the thing that perhaps stopped me working for the party (and I’m a councillor)

If the alternative vote was in operation this question would be unnecessary.

We are a separate party with very different policies to the Conservatives. I supported the formation of a coalition in May, but the parties must remain completely separate.

Bollocks on stilts. Anyone even thinking about a pact has boiled their head in a vat of LSD.

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