NEW POLL: Is the Coalition right to allow us to work beyond 65?

by Stephen Tall on July 31, 2010

This was the statement issued by Lib Dem Employment Relations Minister Ed Davey this week when announcing the end of the default retirement age of 65, and give people the freedom to choose their own retirement date:

With more and more people wanting to extend their working lives we should not stop them just because they have reached a particular age. We want to give individuals greater choice and are moving swiftly to end discrimination of this kind. Older workers bring with them a wealth of talent and experience as employees and entrepreneurs. They have a vital contribution to make to our economic recovery and long-term prosperity.”

Is it the right decision, with employees now able to decide for themselves? Or simply an inevitable one, with rising life expectancy and fewer people being able to afford to retire at 65? Or the wrong choice, with employers finding it more difficult to end the employment of those who are no longer able to perform as well as they used to, while blocking the opportunities for younger people?

The poll is now live (right-hand column), and you can use the comments thread to explain your working …