Lib Dem MP Simon Wright delivers his Mpinions

by Stephen Tall on July 16, 2010

Simon Wright, the Lib Dem MP for Norwich South who did the nation a service by vanquishing Charles Clarke, is the first of the newbie MPs to take part in a viral video campaign called ‘Mpinions’. Here’s the spiel from its creators:

Mpinions is allowing new MPs to properly introduce themselves to you and all in a few easily-digestible minutes! Consider it the speed dating of the political world! The video campaign itself will be running until the end of August and is being sponsored by The Electoral Reform Society and supported and promoted online by the Hansard Society, Operation Black Vote, Dod’s Parliamentary Communications and The British Youth Council. Videos will be released daily featuring dozens of the newly elected 227 MPs, providing the perfect brief diversion that will make you more informed and able to discuss the crucial issues affecting our society today. So make sure you do not miss this easy opportunity to actually see the faces behind the names and learn more about the new people running this country!

And here’s the video itself:

(Also available here).

Catch21 is a charitable production company that produces videos, programmes and events to help engage young people with politics, democracy and community. You can read all about them here.

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New post: Lib Dem MP Simon Wright delivers his Mpinions

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