What a difference three months makes #nickcleggsfault

by Stephen Tall on July 15, 2010

Three months ago, Thursday, 15th April, witnessed the UK’s first televised debate between the main party leaders.

Here’s a reminder of the close of the first debate, which sparked ‘Cleggmania’ as well as the catchphrase “I agree with Nick”, and the subsequent Twitter hashtag craze #nickcleggsfault

(Available on YouTube here).

Up to that point, Nick Clegg – though popular among those members of the public who had seen him in action – had a lower public profile than his deputy, Vince Cable. All that changed in one night, and with it the dynamics of the entire election campaign.

In short, it was the night the Tories lost their chance to win an overall majority. And it was the night that assured Nick the position of Deputy Prime Minister in the first post-war Liberal-Conservative Coalition Government.

Today Nick Clegg will meet with MPs, peers and councillors to listen to their concerns about the direction of the coalition, and to share with them his plan to assure the party’s continuing popularity and identity.

But somehow I don’t think for one moment that he has any wish to turn back the clock three months.