The coalition cuts begin: £6.2bn savings identified

by Stephen Tall on May 24, 2010

The new coalition government – in the joint personage of Conservative Chancellor George Osborne and Lib Dem Treasury Chief Secretary David Laws – took its first steps today to begin bringing down the huge national deficit, announcing £6.2 billion public spending cuts for 2010-11.
The BBC has a brief summary of the proposals here:

• £1.15bn […]

Daily View 2×2: 24 May 2010

by Stephen Tall on May 24, 2010

Happy Monday morning, everyone, and welcome to the second full week of Lib Dem / Conservative coalition government. Ironically, or not, today marks the 22nd anniversary of the Tories’ homophobic Section 28 being enacted as part of the 1988 Local Government Act … how far we’ve al come since then.
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Normally […]