Pollwatch Day 29 #GE2010 – Lib Dems at 24-28% in today’s polls

by Stephen Tall on May 4, 2010

Three polls published tonight:

ComRes for Indy/ITV … CON 37%(nc), LAB 29%(nc), LIB DEM 26%(nc)
YouGov in the Sun … CON 35%(nc), LAB 30%(+2), LIB DEM 24%(-4)
Harris in Metro … CON 36%(+4), LAB 26%(+1), LIB DEM 28%(-2)

What to make of those? The YouGov poll is the least good news for the Lib Dems, showing a sharp 4% […]

Lib Dem donation figures in full (Q1, 2010). Make today the day you donate.

by Stephen Tall on May 4, 2010

The Electoral Commission has today published the latest donation and borrowing figures for the political parties, showing that the Lib Dems raised just over £1.9 million in the first three months of this year. Below is the full breakdown of cash and non-cash donations received by quarter since 2005, and annually between 2001 and 2004.
By […]

Stephen Fry urges a vote for Lib Dem MP Evan Harris

by Stephen Tall on May 4, 2010

Stephen Fry, once a staunch Labour supporter, has already dropped hints during this election campaign that he’s thinking of voting Lib Dem … After the rightwing press’s desperate smear tirade at the height of ‘Cleggmania’ he declared “Frankly I’m tempted to vote Lib Dem now. If we let the Telegraph and Mail win, well, freedom […]

Would Ed Balls vote for the Lib Dems’ Norman Lamb?

by Stephen Tall on May 4, 2010

That seems to be the implication of Labour’s education secretary’s interview in the New Statesman, where he says:
For Balls, defeating the Tories is the top priority. Given this, what is his advice to Lib Dem supporters in the 100 or so Tory-Labour marginals? “I urge Lib Dem voters to bite their lip and back us.” […]