What I said on Radio 4’s The World Tonight

by Stephen Tall on May 2, 2010

Friday evening saw me once again taking part in BBC Radio 4’s The World Tonight end-of-the-week discussion with the Mirror’s Kevin Maguire and the Evening Standard’s Anne McElvoy. You can listen again (or indeed listen for the first time) here via BBC iPlayer.

But if you can’t be bothered, here are the points I attempted to work in – see if you can tell which made it from my brain into my mouth, and then in to the final edit …

David Cameron – did well in Thursday’s final TV debate in appealing to the Tories’ right-wing vote. He made it absolutely crystal clear that if you’re anti-Europe, anti-immigration and anti-welfare then he’s your guy, vote Tory. But that’s absolutely not where he wanted to be three weeks ago. That he’s ended up where he is is a mark of the success of this man …

Nick Clegg – has done a terrific job not only in introducing himself to the voters, but also in presenting a consistent, upbeat, effective message throughout the campaign and the debates, appealing to moderate, centrist and disaffected voters. The polls show he’s succeeded in winning over the undecideds and waverers during the campaign, many of whom are actively deterred by Cameron’s increasing right-wing stridency.

Gordon Brown – really needed to beat Clegg at least once, and failed again. For the sitting Prime Minister to lose all three debates to the leader of the third party is a real humiliation.

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