The YouGov poll which shows Nick Clegg won the third TV debate

by Stephen Tall on May 2, 2010

An interesting snippet from today’s Sunday Times reporting the latest YouGov tracker poll conducted on Friday and Saturday among nearly 1,500 voters showed that “Nick Clegg narrowly won the debate overall”.

You won’t find the figures in the paper’s report (and I can’t find them on the YouGov site) but the Times’s Samuel Coates reports that Clegg was judged to have most impressed by 35% of voters, compared with 32% for David Cameron.

Separately the paper also reports that Clegg continues to enjoy high personal popularity ratings:

A YouGov poll of nearly 1,500 people shows that the Liberal Democrat’s personal rating has risen by two points over the past week, with 79% saying he is doing a good job, close to his 81% high two weeks ago, when he ranked as the most popular leader since Winston Churchill in 1945.