Big increase in voters trusting Nick & Vince to steer British economy

by Stephen Tall on April 24, 2010

Some interesting details from tonight’s ComRes poll, as picked out by Andrew Hawkins, the firm’s chairman:

    · Overall it looks like the Lib Dems had a very modest boost from Thursday night although Gordon Brown’s performance has clearly boosted his party’s rating
    · Turnout looks set to be really quite high – 66% say ‘absolutely certain’ to vote, the highest registered of this campaign
    · The number of people who are ‘absolutely certain’ to vote but who are undecided about who to vote for now stands at 3.3million British adults. This compares with 2.5m last week and 5m the previous week ie pre-first debate
    · Lib Dem support is still strongest among the younger age groups – 41% among 18-24s
    · Labour is ahead among C2s and DEs ie its core social groups while 35% of ABs say they’ll vote Lib Dem
    · The Lib Dem figures are particularly strong in the North of England – this is entirely consistent with our instant poll on Thursday evening

Of those, the turnout figure is perhaps the most significant, as it suggests we are looking at up to seven in ten voters intending to turn out to cast their vote. Given the Lib Dem surge is concentrated among those sections of the electorate who ar least likely to turn out, as well as younger voters (who also often don’t show up), this is important for the party’s success on 6th May.

But here’s the other significant question:

    Putting your party allegiance aside, who do you trust most to steer Britain’s economy through the current downturn?
    Gordon Brown & Alistair Darling: 33% (March 2010); 28% (Now)
    David Cameron & George Osborne: 27% (March 2010); 26% (Now)
    Nick Clegg & Vince Cable: 13% (March 2010); 22% (Now)

True, the Lib Dem duo are still in third place, but the improvement is marked: Nick and Vince are now trusted by 22% of the British public to steer the British economy safely, a figure within touching distance of Labour and the Tories. For a third party which hasn’t been in government for 80 years to attain this trust level is impressive, and indicates quite why the party is at 30% in the polls right now.