LDVideo Easter Monday special: a quattro of Tory gaffes

by Stephen Tall on April 5, 2010

Welcome to this latest LDVideo instalment, and today as a special holiday treat we’re highlighting four political video clips showing the Tory leadership team at their most embarrassingly gaffe-prone.

First up is this one from Tory shadow chancellor George Osborne, committing a diplomatic faux pas by referring to “the Sarkozy box” used by the diminutive French president when speaking from behind lecterns. (Yes, it’s sort of funny. But when you’re hoping to be this country’s chief finance minister, it really is better to avoid needlessly antagonising world leaders – as David Cameron might also learn) …

(Also available via PoliticsHome here).

Then, secondly, a pair of Cameron clips. The first from his recent stumbling interview with Martin Popplewell for Gay Times:

(Also available on YouTube here)

… Which we’re pairing with this classic from ITN (with thanks to Mark Pack for reminding me of its existence) showing just how many times the Tory leader has been known to change his clothes in a single day. Image obsessed, David Cameron? Make up your own mind:

(Also available on YouTube here).

And finally for today – though who knows what gems the election campaign will unearth? – here’s the classic moment when Eric Pickles came unstuck explaining to an unbelieving BBC Question Time audience how his second home expenses were justified because he sometimes had to be in work by 9.30 am. Poor luv …

(Also available on YouTube here).