@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2010-02-12

by Stephen Tall on February 12, 2010

  • @NickThornsby You young bastard! It was 15 years ago for some of us 🙁 in reply to NickThornsby #
  • Join the debate -> RT @libdemvoice The Saturday debate: Let's just admit it – our society actually is broken http://ldv.org.uk/17825 #
  • Fab @nick_clegg quote "I have no idea why David Cameron wants to be PM. Except that he’s ambitious, and it’s his turn." http://bit.ly/aTvr8m #
  • Lots of great lines from @nick_clegg -> RT @libdemvoice New post: LibLink: The eminently quotable Nick Clegg http://ldv.org.uk/17848 #
  • typical lily-livered liberal compromise 🙂 RT @markpack "May confuse things by making a late push for semi-colons" #
  • @markpack Have added link – http://bit.ly/crgJJH – to @libdemvoice's other BAe / Al-Yamamah coverage in your post. #
  • @markpack @alexfoster Also: should full points appear after a comma, or within the comma. (Like this.) or (Like this). <- let debate begin. #
  • This applies to just so much more than full points and commas -> RT @alexfoster inside. UK: depends on context. #
  • Today was going a lot better before I locked myself out of the house the weekend the g/f is away. #keysfail #
  • Yawn -> Jane Merrick in the Indy: Clegg hints Tories may make better coalition partner http://bit.ly/91QWpU #
  • anyone know if the 2005 uk general election video from http://www.gbjab.com is available anywhere on teh internets? have searched JibJab on YouTube #
  • "when Brown becomes PM a flashlight will be shone on his personality and policies" <- what I said about GB 5 yrs ago http://bit.ly/cEV7Op #
  • Warning: Contains traces of savage irony -> RT @libdemvoice New post: The John Terry Plan http://ldv.org.uk/17861 #
  • have uploaded a new members' survey for @libdemvoice – if you're an LDV Forum member u shd get yr survey link emailied to you in next day. #
  • RT @libdemvoice Tories' policies recalled as economic model proves unroad-worthy http://ldv.org.uk/17880 <- I also write for WeekEnding #
  • There's irony for you -> Grauniad attacks spelling errors in Lib Dems' arts policy http://bit.ly/cj9JEt #
  • RT @markpack What Difference Can Political Blogging Make? – http://bit.ly/d21bhR <- Including "the Mark Pack toilet test" <- *mind boggles* #
  • RT @LondonLibDems: LEAKED DOCUMENTS REVEAL SECRET PLANS FOR KINGSTON HOSPITAL – SUSAN KRAMER http://ff.im/fJ6Ss <- one for @guidofawkes #
  • This week's @popbitch old joke – Q: How do you confuse a tabloid reader? A: Tell them an asylum seeker's killed a paedophile #
  • @theeconomist on Tory plans: "new emphasis on transparency and wiki-govt [means] voters will be able to watch the cuts happening online." #

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