My 10 favourite posts of 2009

by Stephen Tall on December 28, 2009

Well, seeing as my LDV co-editor Mark Pack has made the running on this one, let me leap upon the bandwagon before it becomes a meme, and list the 10 favourite posts I’ve penned from the past year …

One week on, and not a peep from Danny (9th April)

What can politicians achieve? A Review of the Foothills (13th April)

Paul Staines: not the Messiah, just a very naughty boy (18th April)

What must happen for the Lib Dems to overtake Labour? (4th May)

What has the Telegraph done for the reputation of journalism?
(16th May)

Papering over the crack of the elephant in the room
(22 May)

What’s the right way to respond to Michael Jackson’s death? (26th June)

Leadership v. Activists – a personal reflection on Bournemouth ’09 (23 September)

That Andrew Marr question: wrong, wrong, wrong (27 September)

Cameron: more Hague than Blair? How the Tory leader has lost sight of his strategy (2 December)